There are no licensing, administration or yearly up-keeping fees, you simply pay for the number of units you choose to purchase.

Once purchased, units are valid for 12 months. This means you have 12 months to assign the units to a student. The student is not required to have completed units during this time.

Prices in Australian dollars.

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Please Note:
You have full discretion in how you enrol students into units you have purchased in bulk. You may enrol any student into any unit that is available on our system, the units you have available will be reduced by one.

-- Pricing

Individual Units $15/unit + GST  
Bulk Purchases    
200 units $14/unit + GST $200
500 units $13/unit + GST $1,000
1000 units $12/unit + GST $3,000
2000 units $11/unit + GST $8,000

Bulk purchases are invoiced in the month they are taken. The units are then decremented as you enroll students into them.

If you make enrolments and do not have bulk units you will be charged at the standard individual price for each unit.

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